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We believe We have the solid strategy and an efficient trading signals to ensure 100% win. We provide guidance, advise, trading information and signals to both new and existing traders to increate their profit margin to over 100%.

How does this Work?

We will be teaching you an explosive method of trading which will be different and new to you. Not to worry as we will guide you all the way through every step. We have taken our time to carefully select a formidable, secured and trusted trading exchange that is guaranteed to give you smooth sailing during trades. The best part of our services is that we don’t and I repeat need access to your trading account. Deposits, trading and withdrawal will strictly be handled by you. We will equip you with all and every necessary tool and information you need to excel in crypto trading. We provide as much as 10-15 trades daily with a minimum daily profit of 4 BTC depending on your account size.

How do We pay for your services ?

We provide a very flexible payment plans and options.

  1. 1. Monthly or annual payment: You will be subscribed to our signals on monthly and annual payment plan For Plan Pricing Please contact our


  2. 2. Joint trading agreement: We will provide you with daily signals and teach you how to trade. You will be remitting 15% of the total profit made from using my signals. We provide a partnership option where You don't need to pay for signals but just to invest your crypto to the exchange and we will send you daily trades. At the end of this trading period (i.e) You invest 5 BTC for a period of 3 months, If we make a profit of 15BTC from trading using my signals, CryptoTribesMen is entitled to 15% of the 15BTC profit earned, we will split the profit 85-15% with you getting 85%. You will send my 15% when you make a withdrawal.

The fact that you are on this page is because You are willing to invest in Crypto currency trading and you need an Expert to guide you on the most profitable way to trade crypto currencies.

The following should be noted before we proceed.

  1. We don't trade with platforms other than those recommended by our traders. We have taken time to evaluate different trading platforms like BINANCE, CRYPTO.COM, COINBASE, BITTREX, E.T.C.

    We've noted the platforms that have failed to yeild any positive results due to the difference in arbitage price and the programming language used for our bots.

  2. 1. We don't and will never ask you for any upfront payments with regards to our signals. Note that all payments, deposits and trades would be handled by you and not a third party.

  3. 2. Also note that there might be need to increase your investment portofolio if necessary to boost trading and increase the profit returns.

  4. 3. We will be teaching you how to trade using our signals.

  5. 4. For security reasons we require that you provide us with your valid means of identification because we need to be sure you won't disappear with the profit. This will enable us file a legal complaint against you if need be.

What Platform do we trade with ?

By now you must be wondering what platform we will be using. Wehave engaged in a detailed and deep research of crypto exchanges and Wehave seen the number of reviews on the so called top 10 Exchanges. This has helped me pick the best platform for my Clients. For example:

Coinbase: Coinbase has 2004 negative reviews, 907 Complaints, and 697 positive reviews.

Binance: Binance has 1300 negative reviews, 400 Complaints, and 800 positive reviews.

Okexcoin: Okex has 6300 negative reviews, 600 Complaints, and 2500 positive reviews.

Recently Okex disabled withdrawal for every user on it's platform. Wehave seen how these major exchanges are more focused on expansion and forget to cater for it’s huge customer base. Not to worry we have selected the best exchange for trading and it has seamless trading features. Another notorious practice of these exchanges is their media stronghold. They have enough money to fill the internet with positive articles but then reviews don’t lie. Your millions of articles can’t hide real reviews from users. We conducted detailed research on this and we’ve come out with a very killer strategy to crush the crypto market.

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Check Out Our CEO:

Tony Akin Joe Jr Is a Licensed Stock Trader, Financial Consultant, Crypto Trader/Analyst and Investment advisor currently working with RAYMOND JAMES FINANCIAL SERVICES.
He has created an awesome and effective trading strategies to help both new and old traders improve their trading profit and growing their portfolio in the financial and crypto markets.
With a vast experience of over 29 years, He has extensively studied trends in the stock, Crypto and Forex markets, he has developed winning strategies around them to accurately generate sustainable profit on numerous portfolios.

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