Meet Our Founders

Tony Joe Akin Jr.

Joe started his career in the securities industry with a regional firm in 1991. After building a successful practice by concentrating on IRAs and retirement accounts, he joined Morgan Keegan in 1994 and worked with Terry Marti and Gene Pospicil for almost nine years. During this time, Joe became a registered investment advisor representative and began to provide comprehensive wealth management strategies for his clients. Shortly after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Joe was recruited to become designated as a wealth management specialist at Legg Mason and was certified at the Legg Mason Wealth Management Institute in Orlando, Florida. His areas of expertise include tax-advantaged investing, estate planning, alternative investments, managed futures and commodities, trust accounts and family limited partnerships, and asset allocation models based on the Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory developed by economist Harry Markowitz. Joe has also worked extensively with IRA accounts and provides his clients with insight into the “new math” of the distribution phase. When appropriate he will recommend clients consider investing in income annuities, which are guaranteed by the issuing insurance company to offer a continuous stream of income that can’t be outlived*.  He also works with retirees seeking long-term capital appreciation or income. In March of 2007, Joe joined Financial Strategies Group, LLC, as a managing member. Through Raymond James he continues to provide his clients with investment perspectives and the highest levels of service.

Joe, a Huntsville native, attended Huntsville High School. He attended Auburn University and majored in economics. He has two daughters, Shelby, and Anna. Joe has served as a past president of the board of Hospice of Huntsville, has worked closely with Trinity United Methodist Church and Monte Sano Methodist Church, and is involved with charitable functions for the church and the community…

Mike Jacques

Mike Jacques dramatically changed his life in April 2019. He walked away from a successful 30 year career in Software sales and a healthy six figure salary, as for many years he felt totally lost and unfulfilled, finding himself drifting from job to job in a turbulent corporate ocean. 

Since quitting the daily commute and the highly stressful stream of sales meetings, Mike quickly built his own successful online business from scratch, and is now working in partnership with the business community who helped him fast track his digital lifestyle transformation.

Mike’s new found passion is to help spark similar change in others looking to escape the 9-5 rat race and build their own digital lifestyles by empowering people to take action, and encouraging them to discover their full potential once shown what’s possible within the rapidly growing digital economy.

Mike would never encourage others to recklessly quit their day job, or get themselves fired as he did. Instead he prefers to guide people to alternative, far less stressful options, allowing for a more gradual, self paced transition to a Laptop Lifestyle. He believes that everyone has a unique purpose in life, and it’s our responsibility to first find and then fulfil that purpose and to make the world a better place as a result.

With the time and freedom Mike has now created, he finally discovered what was missing in his life. The ability to give something back. This realisation has inspired him to help others take action and to pursue positive change in their lives. Having the time to empower others provides Mike with a tremendous sense of self worth and fulfilment. Find out how he made the transition so quickly…

Stuart Ross

Hi, I’m Stuart Ross… and if you don’t mind I’m going to cut to the chase…

I expect you aren’t really here right now because you care to hear all about me and my life story.

I mean you got to love the  “about me” page on peoples websites where you get to read a whole thesis on “the life of” ….

I will keep it very real with you.

It’s also important you know I don’t have an office in a skyscraper somewhere, nor a fancy PhD or MBA hung up on my wall. For one thing, I dropped out of college after sleeping through one too many classes.

So if you’re looking for a formally educated business mentor in a three-piece suit with a corner office, I’m not your man…